Ronald Reagan’s Foundation Wants Trump to Stop Using His Image

Republicans universally love Ronald Reagan. During the upcoming Republican National Convention, you will hear lawmakers refer to the “Party of Reagan” time and time again. The 40th President of the United States was popular in ways that Donald Trump could never hope to be.

Photo by Universal History Archive/Getty Images

The Trump campaign is attempting to capitalize on Reagan’s popularity by sending out fundraising emails using his image. The Reagan Foundation, however, has demanded that Team Trump stop doing this right away.

The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty reports, “The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, which runs the 40th president’s library near Los Angeles, has demanded that President Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC) quit raising campaign money by using Ronald Reagan’s name and likeness.”

Tumulty continues:

“The solicitation offered, for a donation of $45 or more, a “limited edition” commemorative set featuring two gold-colored coins, one each with an image of Reagan and Trump. The coins were mounted with a 1987 photograph of Reagan and Trump shaking hands in a White House receiving line — the type of fleeting contact that presidents have with thousands of people a year.”

The Reagan Foundation’s Melissa Giller painted the situation as no big deal. She told the Post, “It was simply handled with a phone call mid-last week to the RNC, and they agreed to stop.”


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