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Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Tears Into Donald Trump For Attacking The Free Press

Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Tears Into Donald Trump For Attacking The Free Press

Patti Davis, the daughter of former President Ronald Reagan, is tearing into President Donald Trump and his constant, unrelenting attacks against the American free press.

In an op-ed piece for The Washington Post, Davis says her father would have spoken up if he heard a U.S. President go on numerous anti-press rants.

Davis admits that Reagan would often spar with reporters but never once did he attempt to destroy the industry that helped build America. She also notes that his sparring was more intelligent, never relying on name-calling or personal attacks.

“My father would have been the first to stand in the way,” she writes in the piece.

Davis then refers to Trump’s attacks by saying his rhetoric has “lit a match” that is being fully supported by his base.

“I’ve tried to imagine what my father would have done if people attending a political speech of his had turned to the press and raised their middle fingers, hurled obscenities or physically menaced the reporters who were there doing their jobs,” Davis writes.

“I found it difficult to conjure the image, and then I realized why. It simply wouldn’t have happened. The person on the podium, the person everyone has gathered to see, sets the tone.”

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Davis is asking everyone to speak out against Trump, for fear that silence will result in a worsening climate in the media space.

“Silence didn’t create this country; brazen, unwavering commitment did. And one of those commitments was to a free press — one not controlled or hampered by a demagogue who has a good day only when he’s being flattered.”

Davis has criticized the President in the past and apparently, as she said before, she believes her father would still be “appalled” at Trump’s continued un-Presidential behavior.

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