Ron Klain: The American People, Not Donald Trump’s Twitter Feed, Made Joe Biden President

Joe Biden won the 2020 election to become the next president of the United States. To the surprise of no one, Donald Trump refuses to concede or even accept the results of the election. So the country has turned to watching Trump’s Twitter feed for signs that he may be willing to accept the loss.

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On Sunday morning, Trump replied to a tweet, claiming that Biden had won. Shortly afterwards, he reaffirmed that he is contesting the election. New Biden Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, was asked about the flip-flopping by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday. Klain said that the people decide who the president is, not Trump’s Twitter feed.

Todd asked, “It’s the first time he said he won. And our own reporting, Mr. Klain, we asked an official and said is this the closest we’re going to get to President Trump admitting that Joe Biden won and we were told yes, and this is the beginning of a concession process. Do you accept that as sort of step one here?”

Klain responded, “I accept it as a further confirmation of the reality Joe Biden won the election and not through any of the rest of that tweet, not through fraud or anything else the president is baselessly alleging. He won because he got more votes. If the president is prepared to recognize that reality, it’s positive. Donald Trump’s Twitter feed does not make Joe Biden president or not president. The American people did that.”

Watch a clip of Klain’s comments below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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