Ron DeSantis, Whose State is Being Ravaged by Delta Variant, Met With Anti-Maskers on Tuesday

Florida is having severe issues with the Delta variant of COVID-19 right now. The state is currently seeing a massive spike in both cases and hospitalizations. The issue is so bad that Ron DeSantis recently urged all Floridians to consider getting vaccinated.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
The Florida governor has spent much of the last year congratulating himself for issuing few COVID restrictions, so this was a pretty big step for him.

At the same time that he was encouraging vaccines, though DeSantis was also courting COVID skeptics. According to the Daily Beast the Florida governor spent time on Tuesday with a number of anti-maskers.

Pilar Melendez and Francisco Alvarado report, “The event, held at the state Capitol in Tallahassee, principally featured various COVID-19 masking skeptics. They included a Stanford professor with a history of opposing lockdowns, and a Tallahassee private school student who was ‘very concerned about masks being required this year.'”

Also at the event was Mark McDonald, a California psychiatrist. In an email to the Daily Beast, McDonald wrote, “mandating masks for children in schools [is] not only unnecessary and unsupported by scientific evidence, but also harmful to children physically and psychologically.”

DeSantis’ office wrote in a statement to the website, “[the governor has been] very clear and consistent in his messaging on COVID-19 vaccines and is confident that they are safe for most people and effective in preventing serious illness.”

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