Ron DeSantis Refuses to Implement COVID-19 Restrictions Because They ‘Have No Basis in the Constitution’

Florida Republican Governor Ron ‘Death Sentence’ DeSantis brushed off the growing number of coronavirus variants in his state during an interview with Fox News Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo.

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Bartiromo asked DeSantis about the rising number of COVID-19 variants in the Sunshine State:

What about this concern about the new strains? Nearly 350 cases of the contagious COVID variant have been reported in Florida. Governor, how do you read that? Is there reason for concern here?

DeSantis – who has fired and intimidated scientists while allowing the virus to run amok in Florida – immediately deflected to what “blue states” are doing:

So first off, we obviously look at all the data that comes in. ┬áBut this strain is in blue states and they don’t talk about doing anything with blue states. We do a lot of analysis and genetic analysis on strains, so we find more than probably some other states do. And here’s the thing. Since the beginning of January, visits to the emergeny departments for COVID-like illnesses in Florida are down almost 60 percent. Cases are down. Hospital census are down 30 to 40 percent.

DeSantis said that there has been a “decline in COVID in Florida” and that “our winter high was much lower than our summer high.”

Nearly 29,000 Floridians have died in the pandemic.

DeSantis continued:

But you’ve seen a decline all over the country, and so it would be very odd to do a draconian travel restriction, which had no basis in the Constitution, at a time when all of these indicators are going down, and we really believe that focusing on seniors first for vaccinations, we’re gonna be creating a protective shield for our vulnerable population. So that if the season changes and you start to see virus increase anywhere, that our vulnerable population will be protected. And at the end of the day, that’s really what matters.

DeSantis then suggested that only the elderly are susceptible to infection, which is false:

If you’re not really vulnerable to this, then that’s not as significant as somebody who has comorbidities or is very elderly, and so we’re trying to focus our research on where the risk is and I think that’s the appropriate way to do it.

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