Ron DeSantis: I'll Bring Dignity Back to the WhiteHouse [VIDEO]

During last night's Republican debate, Ron DeSantis claimed that if he is elected President, there wouldn't be the same problems there were when Donald Trump was in office. 

The Republican field, outside of Donald Trump, is winnowing down. The only two candidates who qualified to appear at CNN's latest debate were Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. While both candidates were willing to criticize Donald Trump's policies, they weren't really willing to critique his behavior. 

Ron DeSantis came closest to knocking Trump when he was asked about Trump's claims of being immune from prosecution. The Florida Governor replied, "If you nominate me, I'll get elected, I'll serve, and we won't even be discussing these issues. We'll be discussing your issues."

The Florida Governor would continue, "you're not going to have to worry about my conduct. I'll conduct myself in a way you can be proud of. I'll conduct myself in a way you can tell your kids, 'That's somebody you should emulate!' and we will have success as a result of that."

The answer drew applause from the the Conservative crowd. The candidate was later asked how he would spent his downtime if he was elected President. "It's not going to be about me," he replied. "Heck, when I'm not out there doing the job — I've got young kids, my wife and I will be back home.