Ron Desantis Claims Florida Teachers Are “Itching” to Get Back to Work

The state of Florida has experienced a huge jump in Covid-19 cases during the month of Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis has remained aggressive in his push to open businesses, as well as schools. In response, Florida’s largest teacher’s union has sued the Governor over his decision.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

DeSantis, however, doesn’t seem to think the lawsuit against him is all that big a deal. During a Thursday Fox and Friends appearance, the Florida lawmaker claimed that the state’s teachers are “itching” to get back to work.

When asked about the lawsuit, DeSantis replied, “I know the union has its position, but a lot of teachers in Florida are itching to get back. The way I look at it, we know schoolchildren are at the least risk for coronavirus. We know they play the smallest role in transmitting the virus.”

The row with the Teacher’s union is the only thing troubling the Florida governor this week. According to Poltico, the White House is also losing faith in DeSantis.

On Wednesday, without mentioning specific names, Kellyanne Conway had criticism for the state’s where cases are surging. “They opened up some of the industries too quickly, like bars,” said Conway. “The governors wanted complete latitude over when they would open their states, they pushed back heavily … Republicans and Democrats, when it was falsely rumored that the president was going to be in charge of opening the states.”




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