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Ron DeSantis Attacked George Soros Days After Bomb Threat

Ron DeSantis Attacked George Soros Days After Bomb Threat

With the midterm elections right around the corner desperation appears to be setting in on the Republican side. And when desperation starts to set in, the mud starts flinging like it’s Woodstock ’94. But Ron DeSantis, the Republican candidate for governor of Florida, appears to have taken that to a whole new ugly level.

Days after deranged Trump supporter and domestic terrorist Cesar Sayoc left a bomb at George Soros’ property, DeSantis exploited the situation by spreading fear, claiming that Mr. Soros could infiltrate the state’s government.

Speaking at Inman Park Baptist Church in Winter Haven this past Friday, DeSantis was vigorously arguing how his Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum would destroy Florida’s economy when he noted the ability of a governor to appoint swaths of people to statewide agencies and boards.

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“He could be seeding, into our state government, you know, Soros-backed activists,” DeSantis said of his opponent.

Attacks on Soros, a wealthy businessman who mostly supports progressive causes, appears to be the go-to boogeyman for both campaigning and elected Republican officials. Although the invocation of his name may not produce the type of visceral hatred (and played out cheers) at Trump rallies as Hillary Clinton does, Soros’ name has been used more often than not in Florida’s Gubernatorial race due to donations he’s made to Gillum’s campaign.
But what’s particularly striking–and rather grotesque–about DeSantis’ remarks is the sheer timing. After all, it was just last Tuesday when news broke that an explosive device had been found at Soros’ suburban New York home in the first of many mass assassination attempts on numerous powerful Democrats and Trump targets. And as authorities were racing to capture Sayoc, Desantis was making incendiary comments about one of the primary targets.

Watch DeSantis make the conspiracy comments below:

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