Ron DeSantis Aggressively Went After Donald Trump Last Night

During a campaign event in Florida last night, Ron DeSantis attacked rival Donald Trump claiming that the former President had lost zip on his fastball. 

Ron DeSantis, once thought to be a strong candidate to capture the Republican nomination, is now fading in the polls. He may now be looking to reenergize his campaign by going after the party's figurehead. 

DeSantis said of the former President last night, "He energized Democrats. You could have John Kennedy walk through the door right now and he wouldn’t energize Democrats as much as Donald Trump does. That’s just the reality."

The Republican hopeful later continued, "We need a president that’s going to be full throttle for eight years. We don’t need any more presidents that have lost the zip on their fastball."

The Trump campaign doesn't seem bothered by the Florida Governor's comments. Spokesperson Steve Cheung said in a statement:

"Ron DeSantis has the energy of a used wet rag. This is nothing more than a desperate attempt of a flailing candidate who is in the last throes of his campaign. This tough guy routine from DeSantis is laughable because the only thing tough about him is is ability to embarrass himself every single day on the campaign trail."