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Ron “Anon” Johnson Waxes Racist Over Jan 6th Insurrection

Ron “Anon” Johnson Waxes Racist Over Jan 6th Insurrection

Senator Ron Johnson (Q-Moscow) has admitted that he felt safe during the January 6th insurrection because he trusted the MAGA crowd, thousands of whom were breaking not only the law but government property and causing physical harm. And why did he “trust” them, even though they were wandering around the halls of the Capitol calling out “Hang Mike Pence” while occasionally stopping to relieve themselves on the floors and then smear it on the walls? Why would Johnson employ a word that indicated a relationship, as “trust” does?

Because they were almost all overwhelmingly white.

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Johnson, who is so reviled in his home state of Wisconsin that a woman dedicated her recently deceased mother’s obituary to defeating him in 2022, admits that if those rioters had been Black Lives Matter protestors he would not have felt safe – he would he felt “concerned.”

“I’ve made the comment that on January 6 I never felt threatened,” Johnson said on the conservative Joe Pags radio talk show. “Because I didn’t,” he stressed, meaning that he did not feel threatened.

But Johnson didn’t stop there. “Now had the tables been turned – Joe, this could get me in trouble – had the tables been turned, and Trump won the election and those were tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters. I might have been a little concerned,” he said.

Then Johnson dug the hole just a tad deeper: “And mainly because I knew that even though those thousands of people there, they were marching the Capitol, were trying to pressure people like me to vote the way they wanted me to vote, I knew those are people that love this country that truly respect law enforcement would never do anything to break a law. And so I wasn’t concerned.”

Of course, everyone who breached the Capitol that day was breaking the law, resulting in the deaths of five people on the grounds, with more added to the toll in the subsequent days. And absolutely no one was shocked by Johnson’s racism, because he’s Ron Johnson.

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