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Romney’s Hometown Paper Lauds his Vote to Remove Trump

Romney’s Hometown Paper Lauds his Vote to Remove Trump

Utah is a very Conservative place. Both of the state’s senators, Mitt Romney and Chris Stewart are Republicans. 3 of the states 4 congressman also belong to the GOP. Democrat Ben McAdams was able to win the 4th Districts congressional set over Mia Love by less than 1,000 votes in 2018.

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The politics in Utah, however, are a little different than those in other overwhelmingly red states. And that means Mitt Romney’s vote to remove Donald Trump from office is less controversial there than it would be in other place. In fact, the Salt Lake Tribune published an editorial on Thursday lauding Romney for the decision.

The papers Editorial Board wrote, “Mitt Romney could have ducked this one. [but he] couldn’t explain it to his conscience” and “could not avert his eyes from the fact that this president had, without a shadow of a doubt, abused his power as commander and chief.”

The piece continued, “The junior senator from Utah could have rested on the fact that he was one of only two Republican senators to vote to call witnesses in the trial. He could have said, to us and to history, that he did what he could and, having honorably failed at that, was prepared to vote with the rest of his party to acquit the president and move on.”

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The editorial closes, “All Utahns, all Americans, regardless of politics, ideology or religion should be duly impressed with Romney’s decision to follow his heart and his conscience — and his God — in doing the right thing when doing the right thing was difficult.”

Read the entire piece here

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