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Romney: Stephen Miller Needs to Answer for Leaked E-Mails

Romney: Stephen Miller Needs to Answer for Leaked E-Mails

Seemingly every few months, White House adviser Stephen Miller is caught up in a new scandal. The controversial Trump staffer has been called the architect of Trump’s cruelest immigration policies. He’s been called names at restaurants. Relatives have even penned op-eds distancing themselves from Miller.


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The advisers latest controversy comes from leaked emails which show Miller sharing articles from white nationalist sites with a former Breitbart editor. Utah senator Mitt Romney has taken note of the email scandal and recommended that Miller answer questions about.

When asked about the latest revelations about Miller, Romney said, “I’d love to hear him more fully describe his involvement with that movement. I know the president gets to choose who’s around him, but I don’t think that reflects as well as it might.”

The White House did not take the complaints about Miller very seriously. Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham likened it to a slam job by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Another Trump administration member opined, “This is clearly a form of anti-Semitism to levy these attacks against a Jewish staffer.”

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The emails were leaked by Katie McHugh, who is attempting to reform from the white nationalist past. Today, she released more emails, these showing that Miller had a bias against 2016 Republican nomination hopeful, Marco Rubio, and that he had some editorial control of Breitbart.

McHugh explained, “Stephen Miller appeared to have a very specific vendetta against Marco Rubio. He would always call him an extremist where it was Miller who was extremist.”

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