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Romney Issues Warning To Trump On Coronavirus Relief Oversight

Romney Issues Warning To Trump On Coronavirus Relief Oversight

It’s officially the end times when liberals start to agree with 2012 Republican presidential candidate and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney more often than not. From being the only Republican senator to vote in favor of one article of impeachment, to suggesting UBI as part of the initial coronavirus stimulus package, Romney is certainly putting country over party.

In his latest effort at thwarting President Donald Trump’s reckless abuse of power and contempt for the rule of law, Sen. Romney joined forces with Sen. Jon Tester (D-Montana) in calling on Trump to comply with the oversight requirements Congress attached to the $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package signed into law last week.

“With trillions of taxpayer dollars being spent, it is critically important for the Administration to ensure full transparency and willingness for independent oversight,” Romney and Tester wrote in an April 3 letter to Trump.

As you work to implement COVID-19 legislation, we ask that you provide Congress a detailed plan on how the government plans to execute these funds and what accountability measures are being put in place to ensure our taxpayer dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively”, they added.

This comes after Trump caused alarm after signing a statement attached to the $2.2 trillion law that his White House would supervise reports to Congress from the special inspector general for coronavirus relief, known as the SIGPR, according to The Hill.

 Referring to Article II, Trump wrote:

“I do not understand, and my Administration will not treat, this provision as permitting the SIGPR to issue reports to the Congress without the presidential supervision required by the Take Care Clause.”

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Romney, who has found a backbone and continues to be the lone Republican willing to stand up to our boss baby president, warned Trump not to interfere in the inspector general’s quarterly reports to Congress.

“We expect that the Special Inspector General will fulfill its statutory responsibilities, and look forward to working with your administration to ensure robust oversight of taxpayer dollars,” they wrote.

Featured image credit: Image of Trump via Gage Skidmore/Flickr; image of Romney via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

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