Romney Calls Out Trump Saying his Failure to Condemn White Supremacy is Tied to Electoral Hopes

There are times that Mitt Romney delights Liberals with his decisions to call out Donald Trump. There are also many times that the Utah senator disgusts the Left by refusing to do the right thing. A recent example would be his willingness to confirm Amy Coney Barrett despite a rushed nomination process.

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

When Trump does make a huge error, though, Romney is often the lone Republican to point it out. The Utah senator did so on Friday when he claimed that Trump refused to condemn white supremacists because of electoral hopes.

Romney made the comments via his Twitter page. While he did call out the GOP, he did also mention Antifa, showing the both sidesism that has become a hallmark of any criticism of Trump.

The Utah senator began, “The President’s unwillingness to denounce an absurd and dangerous conspiracy theory last night continues an alarming pattern: politicians and parties refuse to forcefully and convincingly repudiate groups like antifa, white supremacists, and conspiracy peddlers. Similarly troubling is their silence regarding anti-vaxxers, militias, and anarchists.”

Romney continued, “Rather than expel the rabid fringes and the extremes, they have coddled or adopted them, eagerly trading their principles for the hope of electoral victories. As the parties rush down a rabbit hole, they may be opening a door to a political movement that could eventually eclipse them both.”

Neither Donald Trump or the White House have responded to Romney’s comments.

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