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Roger Stone Turns on Jerome Corsi, Claims Mueller Wants to Say he Passed Stolen Emails to Trump

Roger Stone Turns on Jerome Corsi, Claims Mueller Wants to Say he Passed Stolen Emails to Trump

A major part of Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Russian collusion with the Trump campaign involved a key Trump advisor, Roger Stone, and his associate Jerome Corsi. Corsi, a former political commentator and conspiracy theorist for InfoWars, has repeatedly said that he’s prepared to be indicted by the special counsel’s office for lying to federal agents.

Corsi has been one of the Mueller team’s biggest opponents, even going as far as suing Mueller for alleged leaks and illegal surveillance. He’d be one of the last individuals one would assume to be working with the special counsel’s office against Trump or any of those individuals who may have been involved in a criminal conspiracy surrounding Trump.  With that said, a new Instagram post by his associate Roger Stone, indicates just that.

Yesterday morning Mr. Stone, who himself has been a key figure in Mueller’s investigation into hacked emails that Russian operatives had obtained and passed on to Wikileaks, made the following post on Instagram:

So Jerry Corsi was working with Mueller to sandbag me on a fabricated perjury charge.Mueller’s minion even promised Corsi no jail time if he would lie and say he gave me John Podesta’s stolen e-mails (which he did NOT) Then they were going to say I passed them on to Trump (which I did NOT) . Jerry was willing to LIE about me but not himself ! Now Jerry is lying about legitimate research he did for me regarding the Podesta brothers lucrative business in Russia. Jerry Corsi is starting to make Michael Cohen look like a stand up guy ! #weasel #liar@infowars_com @real_alexjones@wearebreitbart @wnd @dailyrogerstone@darrinmcbreen #maga

While Stone doesn’t exactly exude an air of honesty, his suggestion that Corsi is actually working with Mueller to bring him down is certainly quite an interesting allegation.  Not only that, but Stone hints that Mueller wants to say that he passed the emails to Trump, which would almost certainly implicate the president in multiple federal crimes.

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If Trump was provided with the hacked emails, and then used those emails in any way for political gain, knowing where they came from, federal charges would seem to be warranted.

This may simply be a case where Roger Stone is trying to muddy the waters around himself, his associates and their actions leading up to the 2016 election, or this post may foreshadow evidence that has yet to be released showing Stone’s role in passing stolen emails to the Trump campaign.  Either way, we certainly are not done hearing from both Corsi and Stone regarding their possible involvement in a criminal conspiracy to propagate hacked emails for political gain.

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