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Roger Stone Threatens to Send PatriotTakes to “Meet St. Peter”

Roger Stone Threatens to Send PatriotTakes to “Meet St. Peter”

Roger Stone says Korean boats smuggled ballots into Maine harbor

It all started with Trump crony Roger Stone claiming “drone strikes” were “sent” to destroy his office. Despite the fact that it turned out to be an accidental explosion at a nearby business, Stone’s followers are still pushing the drone strike narrative on the social media apps where he hasn’t been banned yet: Parler, Gab, and Telegram.

Stone’s biggest problem with keeping this new big lie going is PatriotTakes, an anonymous Twitter account dedicated to exposing the MAGA chatter on the right-wing social media channels (for the sake of their privacy, we are only identifying them as “PT” and using gender-neutral pronouns). PT, who also has a presence on those platforms, exposed Stone’s lie, crediting another Twitter user for digging up the truth. However, Stone has now solely targeted PT with an open and violent threat he posted on Parler.

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Here’s how it started. Stone’s pal in the video is “Mancow”, a nationally syndicated morning radio shock-jock who makes Howard Stern look like a virgin angel.

Soon enough, the “drone strike” was exposed for what it really was, an accident a little too close for comfort. But Stone and Mancow decided to keep pushing the drone story to turn it into an opportunity to create false outrage. Even Noor Bin Laden shared it on her Telegram account as other users also spread the disinformation across the platforms.

And, it wasn’t true. Although some people tried really really hard to make it true. Not sure what this even is.


PatriotTakes also shared the truth on Twitter, but it was essentially the barn door/horse situation.

Once the MAGAts decide they’re believing in something, good luck talking them out of it. And because the truth is anathema to anyone who posts on Parler, PatriotTakes is now being targeted by Roger Stone.

It’s possible Stone has been big mad about PT for a while, because PT doesn’t miss anything.

PatriotTakes has friends in high places, and they certainly believe PT has a case against Stone and his fellow criminals.

Parler doesn’t technically micromanage its users for threats or hate speech, but it does encourage peer accountability via a points system. If a user racks up enough points against them, they could be ousted from the platform, although it’s rare that any of their Terms of Service are enforced on users. PatriotTakes is now mulling their next steps and is deciding if they want to move forward with any real-world legal action. “It’s not just me I have to worry about,” PT told HillReporter exclusively. “It’s my family too.”


[This is a developing story, with PatriotTakes giving exclusive details to Hill Reporter. Please check back for updates.]

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