UPDATED: Roger Stone Records Rap Video With Trump-Loving Blue-Backing Duo

UPDATED: a video of Stone’s performance has been added at the end of this article.

Roger Stone — convicted in Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian election interference, pardoned by Donald Trump — says he’s recording a rap video. The duo he’s partnering with already have a video in which they call for the public to support the police and Donald Trump.

Roger Stone tells Trump how to overturn election
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Stone announced on various social media accounts this weekend that he would be recording a rap video with Bryson Gray and Forgiato Blow. He included his signature hashtag, #rogerstonedidnothingwrong, and added that he might also visit CPAC, and that he’s planning to start his own social media site.

In Stone’s Telegram post below, he says he’ll be recording in Orlando, taking meetings about a new social media site, and then he “may do a surprise drop by at CPAC but can think of no reason to tip off ANTIFA as to when and where.”

[Screenshot via Roger Stone/Telegram]

In a Parler post made at about the same time, Stone’s plans are briefer and more definite — after his video session he plans to “drop by CPAC” and “bust some Bushie RINO jerk-offs trying to “pass” as Trump supporters.”

Roger Stone CPAC busting
[Screenshot via Parler/Roger Stone]

Bryson Gray and Forgiato Blow are the rappers behind a Trump-touting Back the Blue video you can see below, with lyrics like, “If all lives matter, blue lives matter too,” “You know, Trump 2020, yeah America’s guy,” and “United we stand, with Biden we fall.”

UPDATE: See Stone’s breakout performance below, complete with a line suggesting that “feds knocking on the front door” of patriots resulted in said “patriots” responding by “pulling up, knocking on the Capitol.”

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