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Roger Stone Received a Commutation From Trump, Now he Wants a Pardon Too

Roger Stone Received a Commutation From Trump, Now he Wants a Pardon Too

Just a few months back, Roger Stone was weeks away from beginning a multi-year prison sentence. But right before that happened, his long-time friend Donald Trump commuted his sentence. An invigorated Stone went back to doing everything he could to get Trump re-elected.

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But Trump lost his re-election bid and will soon be leaving the White House. Before he goes, though, the president is likely to aggressively hand out pardons to family and friends. While Stone already got his sentence commuted, he’s holding out for a pardon as well.

Stone made the request during an appearance on Joe Pagliarulo’s Twitch show. The former Trump adviser explained that he did not actually receive a pardon. The host asked, ” You didn’t want a pardon, right”

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“Well, I didn’t because at that time, Stone responded. “I could not foresee that the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals would refuse to dismiss the [Michael] Flynn indictment, would order Don McGahn, the president’s lawyer, to testify about his conversations with his client, and would order that Hillary Clinton does not have to answer questions about her email server. So it became clear to me that an appeal, which would cost me millions and take me two years, was fruitless because the system was so politicized. And now Andrew Weissmann, who was [Robert] Mueller’s dirtier cop — dirtiest cop, has announced that Stone should be re-prosecuted. We don’t have any evidence of a crime, but we’ll find one. But the Biden DOJ should prosecute Stone. So, candidly, I am praying that I will be among the pardons the president decides to give to protect me from the witch hunt which just never seems to end for me and my family.”

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