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Roger Stone Pal Encourages Trump Supporters to Sign up for OPERATION SWARM

Roger Stone Pal Encourages Trump Supporters to Sign up for OPERATION SWARM

Social media has become an invaluable tool for political candidates and their staffs. While sites like Twitter and Facebook can be used to reach potential voters, they can also be abused.

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Jason Sullivan, a political strategist who worked on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign,  created “Operation Swarm.” He is soliciting Trump supporters to sign up for his automatic Trump retweet software.


MAGA fans are meant to access the program through a website called www.the10thpower.com. Hillreporter.com recommends that you not visit the site as it is insecure and may attempt to steal your information.

Sullivan also created a company called Cyphoon. In his words, Cyphoon, “is a ground-breaking social media software tool that exploits LIVE conversations applicable to its users allowing them to capitalize on opportunities ‘in the moment of influence.”

Sullivan is also connected to some people well known in Trump circles. The website has been used to promote tweets from figures such as Jim Jordan and Donald Trump Jr.

Most alarmingly, Sullivan is strongly connected to Roger Stone. Stone, who is expected to be indicted by Robert Mueller, is famous for his dirty political tricks.

Back in 2016 Stone took to twitter to promote Operation Swarm, asking his supporters to help “DRIVE THE BUZZ.” Radio host Alex Jones was also mentioned in the tweet.

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In May of this year, Sullivan was subpoenaed by Robert Mueller for his work with Cyphoon. The investigative team wanted to get a better idea of his relationship with Stone and exactly what his company does.

While what Cyphoon does is not illegal on its face, it does open up the possibility of illegality. Sullivan claims that he creates, “an army of sophisticated, hyper-targeted direct tweet automation systems driven by outcomes-based strategies derived from REAL-TIME actionable insights.”

While it has not been proven if Sullivan is using bots to achieve his claims, it’s surely something Mueller and his team are looking into.

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