Roger Stone Narrated a Cartoon that Attacked Trump – ‘Bedtime Stories with Roger Stone’

Toby Morton is no stranger to working with people many would consider controversial. Morton is an accomplished comedy writer whose credits include South Park, MadTV and the E! Entertainment Network. In 2017, the writer began working on his own animated series, the Sandbox Weekly. The show comments on the latest current events, told from a child’s point of view. The show is drawn in crayon and features uplifting and joyful piano music.

The next step for Morton was finding a narrator for the show. He sent a script, featuring a Hillary Clinton story over to former Trump adviser, Roger Stone. After a week, Stone responded saying he was willing to work on the show. From there on out, Stone became the voice of Sandbox Weekly, regularly taking shots at major political figures.

Courtesy of Toby Morton

While the earliest episodes featuring Stone avoided criticizing Trump, Morton became more bold as the relationship grew. According to the writer, “I was commenting on the current political climate via the voice of corruption himself. All of this accompanied by joyful piano music, colorful crayons, and the beauty of a child’s wonderment!”

Courtesy of Sandbox Weekly

The relationship also featured a healthy dose of the randomness, which Stone is famous for. He remembers, “He once told me he’s waiting for his ‘audio guy’ to get back from a rock tour so he can record more stuff for me. So, okay, yeah, cool. Not sure why he needs an audio guy for audio he sends that sounds like he simply taped on his phone in a small room.”

Stone also made a point of writing blunt emails signed in his own special way. The political adviser once wrote, “Just got this. TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT U NEED FROM ME! Roger Stone. PS- Mueller Sucks!

Courtesy of Toby Morton

Of course, the relationship is now paused. While there was always a worry that Stone may be pulled into the Mueller investigation, his arrest happened abruptly. Morton sent Stone a email noting that the investigation seemed quiet on January 24th. Stone was arrested on January 25th. Morton received a reply from Stone’s Secretary that simply read, “Not so quiet anymore.”

While the working relationship with Stone is not finished, Morton looks back on the time fondly. He writes, “If you had told me over a year ago that the poor man’s version of Heaven’s Gate leader Marshall Applewhite would be narrating my animated project, I would be offended. And if you followed that up with the fact that I would then use his voice as an opening for my own frustration with the state of our country, well, that’s just offensive.”

Morton wrote a piece about his experience with Stone that can be read here. You can also follow him on Twitter here.


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