Roger Stone: ‘I Certainly Hope Q is Real’

One of President Trump’s earliest supporters, Roger Stone is counting on the Q conspiracy being real. He made was a guest on a pro-QAnon YouTube channel last weekend where he expressed his hope that the conspiracy theory was true. The conspiracy theory claims that President Trump is working to destroy a satanic pedophile ring that includes elites from the federal government and Hollywood. The theory is spread among right-wing internet forums and claims to leave droplets of intelligence that are supposed to open the eyes of real “patriots” to the truth about the government. The FBI has labeled the group domestic terrorists.

Stone’s comments come as 59 political candidates have been counted as QAnon supporters by Media Matters. Nine of these candidates saw victory in their primaries and very well could win seats in Congress. The channel Stone appeared on is called  “IntheMatrixxx,” and it is known for creating pro-QAnon content. It is run by a man called Jeffrey Pedersen who has had a few guests who support the conspiracy theory.

Stone’s appearance started with a discussion about his arrest and conviction for lying to Congress during their Russia probe. He talked about begging Trump for clemency. After that talk, Pederson asked Stone for his thoughts on QAnon. Pederson asked, “I don’t want to put you on the spot, but I just wanted to ask your opinion on how this [QAnon] movement underneath Trump is helping him get elected and waking people up a lot of people?”

Stone replied, “Well, obviously I get this question quite a bit as I was traveling and speaking as much as I can. I do a lot of interviews and I meet with a lot of patriot groups and I always get the question, ‘Mr. Stone, is Q real?’ And my answer is always the same. And I always say, ‘I don’t know, but let me tell you this: I certainly hope Q is real and there a number of indications that the information that is being disseminated has been of enormous value in this fight for freedom.’”

Stone went on to explain that he is “completely consumed” by his legal troubles, but despite that, he has come across some “great patriots” from the Q movement. Stone concluded,  “I honestly believe that if we hang together, we can save this country.”

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