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Roger Stone Communicated With Steve Bannon About Russia Emails According to Latest Reports

Roger Stone Communicated With Steve Bannon About Russia Emails According to Latest Reports

With Roger Stone finally in Bob Mueller’s crosshairs, news is starting to leak out about what Stone knew. Today, Axios is reporting that Stone had communicated with Trump campaign chief Steve Bannon about the Wikileaks emails.

The emails, hacked by Russia and shared with Wikileaks, were meant to discredit the Hillary Clinton campaign. They had originally been stolen off the server of John Podesta.

This news is coming out as Bannon has been talking with Mueller’s team. Per CNN, Bannon met with the FBI Investigators for the 3rd time last week.

It was known that the FBI wanted to talk to Bannon about Donald Trump Jr’s Russia meeting, which he had called “treasonous.” This is the first report that Bannon may have known about the Wikileaks cache of emails.

According to Axios’ report Stone had trouble contacting Bannon who showed little interest in the emails. Stone used Breitbart News editor Matthew Boyle as an intermediary. Bannon had long worked for the right wing newspaper.

When contacted, Bannon allegedly responded that, “he’s got important stuff to worry about.” Bannon did email Stone the next day and Stone responded that Julian Assange of Wikileaks would begin to leak the emails.

Once the emails were released, Stone requested money from Bannon. He asked that Republican mega-donor Rebekah Mercer to send the money to his 501(c)(4) group. Per the New York Times, a 501(c)(4) group is “a type of political organization structured to conceal the identity of its donors.”

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Stone has been a central figure in the investigation due to his boasts of knowing information about the Russian emails. He is again proclaiming his innocence in the wake of these reports, stating that this was all public information.

Stone says, “What I am guilty of is using publicly available information and a solid tip to bluff, posture, hype and punk Democrats on Twitter. This is called ‘politics.’ It’s not illegal.”


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