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Roger Stone Begs For Bitcoin To Feed His Family

Roger Stone Begs For Bitcoin To Feed His Family

Apparently criminal activity, even with a presidential pardon, just doesn’t pay. Roger Stone, who was sentenced to prison last year, now says that he needs donations of cryptocurrency just to pay his bills and feed his family.

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In 2020, Roger Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison for lying to Congress, intimidating witnesses, and hampering an investigation — all charges stemming from his efforts to protect Trump from accountability in his first impeachment. However, before leaving office, the former president commuted Stone’s sentence and handed down a presidential pardon, setting his close ally free, as NPR reported last year.

However, Stone’s legal woes are not over. According to the Washington Post, his name “keeps appearing” in court filings regarding the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building in January.

He appears in photos with individuals who have been charged in the January 6th riot, and has been connected to groups that were involved, but is not facing any charges himself.

However, in a Telegram sob story, Stone claimed that he’s the victim of a “witch hunt” by the “Deep State”, and that it’s costing him everything. He’s begging for donations to feed his family — but he’s not asking for canned goods or a cheese basket. He wants Bitcoin.

“Once again I must fight the Deep State’s lies and their latest efforts to destroy me. I urgently need your help today just to survive. I did not fold when Mueller’s goons perssured me to betray the President by providing false testimony against him. I won’t fold now — but I need your support. We are struggling to pay for rent, groceries, gasoline, prescription medicines, and the premiums for the little insurance we have left. Now they want to subject me to another witch hunt before I can get back on my feet!

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“Your bitcoin and crypto donations will help the Stone family as we fight the endless battle against the fake news media and politically motivated prosecutors still angry about my pardon and seemingly preparing to railroad me yet again.”

He promises a thank you note and response to any messages sent along with donations, and closes with a disclaimer letting donors know that he’s by no means obligated to use their crypto for food and housing costs, even if he claims that’s what its for: “Under the Internal Revenue Code, all contributions to Roger Stone are considered gifts to Roger Stone for use and application at his discretion.”

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