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Roger Stone Admits To Meeting With Russian Who Promised Dirt On Hillary Clinton

Roger Stone Admits To Meeting With Russian Who Promised Dirt On Hillary Clinton

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Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone has admitted to meeting with a Russian man who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election. The man reportedly asked stone for $2 million to reveal the damaging info.

On Sunday The Washington Post reported that Stone met with the Russian man in May 2016. The meeting was set up by Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo and was previously unreported.

Stone says he rejected the offer to pay $2 million. “You don’t understand Donald Trump,” Stone said he told the man. “He doesn’t pay for anything.”

Caputo told The Post that Robert Mueller is now investigating the meeting and its ties to the special counsel’s collusion case.

Stone and Caputo failed to reveal the interaction with congressional investigators and now claim they believe Henry Greenberg was working as an FBI informant. Records DO NOT show that Greenberg is currently an informant but he did work with the agency until 2013.

Greenberg tells the Post that he was not working on behalf of the FBI during the meeting.

“If you believe that [Greenberg] took time off from his long career as an FBI informant to reach out to us in his spare time, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I want to sell you,” Caputo told the Post.

Caputo and Stone claim they didn’t bring up the interaction before the House Intelligence Committee because they forgot about the incident.

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During a May 2 interview, Caputo was shown text messages about the meeting which the men claim sparked their memories of the meeting.

To date, at least 11 Trump officials or associates have admitted to talks with Russians during the 2016 campaign or transition.

Donald Trump’s claims of a witch hunt seem to be turning up quite a few witches.

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