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Rock Legend David Crosby: Trump’s Presidency “Darker” Than Nixon’s

Rock Legend David Crosby: Trump’s Presidency “Darker” Than Nixon’s

David Crosby, a member of bands such as Crosby, Stills and Nash and The Byrds has always had strong political opinions. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young wrote the song Ohio, in reaction the killings at Kent State in 1970. The song is considered one of the gold standards of politically conscious music.

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Crosby appeared on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show last night to discuss an upcoming documentary about his life. During the interview, the musician was asked about Donald Trump and he did not hold his tongue.

Cuomo asked Crosby about the parallels between Trump and frequent CSNY target Richard Nixon.

“I think this is a worse guy. Nixon was at least somewhat constrained by the norm, by the way politics were done then. This is a brand-new level of low,” said the rocker.  “Our current president doesn’t have anything restraining him at all. He has no morals, he has no restraint, he has no intelligence. He’s like.. a spoiled kid who’s gotten loose in his dad’s office where he’s never been allowed to go, and he’s running around and peeing on all of the papers and saying, ‘I’ll fix you guys!’ He’s kind of like that.”

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Crosby was then questioned about performing in places where Trump is popular. He replied, “If I get somebody in an audience saying, ‘Hey, shut up and sing!’, I tell them, hey, look, I got the microphone, you can’t win. We’re going to extract you like a bad tooth if you keep mouthing off. Everybody around you paid to hear these songs. So we’re going to do the songs and you’re going to shut up.”

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