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Robin Bullock Thinks Joe Biden Is Demonically Possessed

Robin Bullock Thinks Joe Biden Is Demonically Possessed

Fake right-wing prophet Robin Bullock believes that President Joe Biden – whom Bullock still incorrectly insists lost the 2020 election – is possessed by demons because of how his eyes are shaped.


“We’re back at this at the time of the serpent, tempting the world to become woke, that their eyes may be opened,” Bullock said during his “Eleventh Hour” church sermon on Tuesday. “It’s the same phrase, tempting, saying, ‘You’re missing something, you’re not free, you must take up this and be woke that your eyes be open.’ So, the world is reaching into the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, trying to become woke.”

Bullock continued:

I watched Joe Biden during the campaign that he clearly lost. He lost big. He lost enough to be ashamed. He lost enough to tell him, ‘Nobody likes you, Joe.’ I mean, he lost enough to know that. Hey I mean it was so bad, if they would show him the real numbers, the man would be ashamed. But I remember he leaned into the mic [during a debate] and told President Trump, ‘We’re coming for you.’ And he growled out this demonic sound. I can’t make that sound but it was this demonic voice. I’ve heard him make it again recently. He growled this out; when he did it, I went back and I took a picture. I think it was at that moment. It was one of the moments.

Bullock projected an image of Biden’s eye onto a screen. Despite there being nothing abnormal with it, Bullock insisted it had a reptilian quality:

I took a picture on my phone right on television, and it’s nobody else’s picture. I took it, and I was led to – and when I pulled it up, his eyes at that moment … if you’ll look at the eyes, you’ll notice they’re serpent’s pupils, they’re slotted pupils. Now, other times they’re not like that. But at times, it shows a slotted serpent’s eye. People say, ‘Oh, that was photoshopped.’ No, it wasn’t either. I took the picture. And he shows up more than once with that slotted serpent’s eye. It’s because we’re back at that place where they’re trying to – Satan is trying to offer the world that their eyes may be open, but it’s not King James anymore – it’s woke.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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