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Robin Bullock Tells Congregants That God Will ‘Neutralize’ COVID-19 Vaccine if They Pray Hard Enough

Robin Bullock Tells Congregants That God Will ‘Neutralize’ COVID-19 Vaccine if They Pray Hard Enough

Right-wing “prophet” Robin Bullock claimed during a church sermon this week that if his congregants pray hard enough, God will undo the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, which Bullock incorrectly suggested would kill his followers in the coming weeks and months.


That of course is impossible and not how vaccines work. But it bears noting that Bullock is a man who believes that the 2008 Democratic National Convention was modeled after a Satanic temple. Bullock has accused President Joe Biden of being possessed by demons and has also proclaimed that the COVID-19 pandemic was planned years in advance by former President Barack Obama so that Hillary Clinton could become his successor, destroy the United States, and usher in the End Times.

But his remarks about undoing – or “neutralizing” a vaccine – are some of his nuttiest to date. And it should go without saying that nobody, anywhere, should take medical advice from Bullock.

“You know I heard something very different right now, something very significant right now, and this is just what I’m going to say about it. There are some who took that vaccine, and you are very concerned whether you will live or whether you will die as time takes its toll,” Bullock told worshipers at Church International in Warrior, Alabama. “The Lord said, ‘Reach out to me today and I will neutralize its effects inside your bloodstream. Today. Reach out now and call on his name, for neutralization is being given.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:


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