Robin Bullock Proclaims President Joe Biden to Be a ‘Mythical Creature’

Right-wing fake prophet Robin Bullock claimed on the Elijah Streams YouTube Channel on Monday that President Joe Biden is a “mythical character” who is “about to leave.” Bullock came to this conclusion after God delivered a vision within a dream. In it, Bullock recalled seeing a dog sitting in a chair that turned into a sash or scarf with “Donald J. Trump” embroidered into the fabric.


This is a whole journey.

“Then I heard, ‘Biden won’t be president,’ just like that,” Bullock said.

“Wow,” replied host Steve Shultz.

“And so then I kept walking into this thing and then I remember when the Lord gave me a vision, and I saw a jackal sitting in the seat of the president, which is Joe Biden. Then I saw the seat of the president had been vacated. And I asked the Lord – I said in my vision, in my night dream vision type of thing – and I said, ‘well, Lord? Who is the president?’ And I saw this sash over this chair, and it was hanging. It was a chair and over the arm of it was this royal-looking thing but it was like a scarf. But it had writing on it. It was nice, and it said, ‘Donald J. Trump,” Bullock revealed.

Shultz was mesmerized. “Really?!” he asked in awe.

According to Bullock, what he saw in his head invalidates Joe Biden’s presidency.

“And so heaven recognizes him as the president and he’s never not been the president. He’s the president right now,” Bullock said, referring to Trump.

Shultz – fully enamored at this point – agreed.

Cue the connecting of imaginary dots.

Trump “IS the president right now. That’s why he’s listened to and the jackal is not,” Bullock determined.

“That’s right,” Shultz reaffirmed.

“Because you can pray for Joe Biden. You probably should, cause he’s about to leave,” Bullock ominously added. “You can pray for Joe Biden. You can pray for the office of the president. But you can’t pray for President Joe Biden.”

Shultz was beaming.

“That’s true. He doesn’t exist!” Shultz exclaimed.

“No, there’s no existence of a President Joe Biden. So your prayers are to a mythical character if you pray that way,” Bullock warned.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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