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Robin Bullock Goes on Bizarre Rant About 2008 Democratic National Convention

Robin Bullock Goes on Bizarre Rant About 2008 Democratic National Convention

Right-wing pastor and self-proclaimed prophet Robin Bullock conjured up a bizarre conspiracy on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel on Wednesday, claiming that Barack Obama was “standing on the throne of Satan” while he accepted the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination at its convention in 2008.

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“They built this throne and it was replicad [sic] after the throne of Satan in Berlin – the Pergamon throne,” Bullock said. “There it is. See it? See the columns? See all of that? Look at the stars and stripes hanging there and Satan’s throne is above the stars. Look at it.”

Bullock presented to host Steve Schultz a series of photographs of historic structures after which he believes the Democratic spawns of Sartan modeled their stage.

“So there he sits there – there’s the real throne of Pergamon. Tell me they don’t look alike,” Bullock continued as an image of the German monument appeared on the screen. “And then if you superimpose one over the other, there it is.”

Shultz’s mind was clearly blown – as it usually is whenever his guests share a cockamamie hypothesis – when Bullock overlaid the pictures over each other in a demonstration meant to prove that they aligned and that therefore they must have some correlation.

“Whewwwwwww, oh man,” Schultz uttered.

Bullock was also pretty spooked by what he supposedly discovered.

“So Barack Obama, when he walked out on that stage and said ‘a righteous wind is at our back,’ and he starts talking about, and the crowd’s going wild, he’s standing on a replica of the throne of Satan or the altar of Baal or the throne of Zeus. He’s standing there,” Bullock declared.

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