Robin Bullock Admits That His Prophecies are Vague and Contain No Useful Information

Right-wing “prophet” and conspiracy theorist Robin Bullock said on the Elijah Streams YouTube Channel on Monday that God told him that the “decision has been made” to return former President Donald Trump to power sometime between August and November, although he was unable to provide any specifics. He explained that when God supposedly speaks to him, the Almighty leaves out the details.


“I was standing in a live service and you know how the Lord will just speak, he will just speak to me like that and I’m just standing there and I started getting this prophetic word and when I turned around and looked – I just turned my head – and the Lord let me know that the decision has been made. Whatever’s going to happen, whenever he’s going to do this, ya know, whatever Trump’s going to do, when it’s going to happen, it’s been decided. And uh, it’s not going to be decided, he’s already decided. So um, this whole thing, you’re about to see a racket unfolding,” Bullock declared.

He then admitted that his so-called prophecies contain no useful information.

“I’ll tell you something else too that I’ve, that I’ve heard the Lord say and I haven’t told this anywhere, that um, ya know, I’m not, unless the Lord tells me a specific date of something, I’m not, I don’t say that. But if he tells me I’ll tell you, and um, but I know something. Ya know, I’m not saying I know what yet, because he hasn’t shown me that. But he quick in my spirit something is really about to happen in this month in August. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s a setup or something else that’s coming, but I think from August all the way through, oh, say, November, you better keep heads up, heads up big. Because when it starts, whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen like this,” Bullock said while snapping his fingers.

“And then it’s gonna be a rapid succession of things,” he insisted.

“That’s been my gut,” added host Steve Shultz.

“Yeah ya know something’s up in August and I’m not sure what that is,” replied Bullock.

Thanks for nothing, again.

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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