Robert Mueller Looks to Provide Conclusions on Collusion This Fall

Just over 13 months ago, former FBI director Robert Swan Mueller III took the reins of the Trump/Russia investigation, which has already resulted in close to two dozen indictments and several guilty pleas.  While Trump and his supporters have been complaining almost daily that the investigation is taking “too long”, fact is that when you look at other investigations of presidents and politicians, 13 months isn’t really that long.

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey/Flickr

The Whitewater investigation into the Clintons took over 7 years to complete, while the Iran-Contra investigation took over 6 years and Henry Cisneros’ perjury investigation took close to 9 years before reaching its conclusion.  Even so, Mueller does seem to be working on a much faster timeline than these previous investigations.

This morning, Bloomberg reports that Mueller and his team are looking toward this fall as their desired goal in which they hope to produce conclusions and perhaps indictments related to Russian collusion.  According to their source, who wished to remain anonymous, Mueller is now ready to begin focusing on the collusion aspects of the investigation, meaning that he seems to be wrapping up his probe into possible obstruction of justice by President Trump.

If in fact the investigation is wrapped up by “this fall” that could mean we may hear something before the midterm elections in November.

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