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Robert Mueller is ‘Teeing up’ for ‘a blockbuster indictment’ According to Top Watergate Prosecutor

Robert Mueller is ‘Teeing up’ for ‘a blockbuster indictment’ According to Top Watergate Prosecutor

Any prosecutor familiar with the prosecution of mob bosses and other major racketeering leaders will tell you that one of the first signs that investigators are making headway in an investigation are guilty pleas and cooperation by those working for the intended target(s).  For instance, a prosecutor does not trade a lenient sentence for a guilty plea and cooperation unless they are looking to bring down someone above that individual they made the offer to.

As the former lawyer for the president, Michael Cohen, pleads guilty and enters a cooperation agreement, there is little doubt that Mueller and his team have their sights set on people much higher. The problem for Trump and his family, however, is there are only a few people higher in the chain of command than Cohen. Now Nick Akerman, an assistant special Watergate prosecutor, is speaking out to DW.com in regards to what this all likely means.

“What it means is that Mueller is teeing up a major indictment against other individuals relating to the conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign,” Akerman said.

Ackerman predicts that ‘a number of people [will] go to jail,’ and that “a blockbuster indictment” should be expected. He went on to tell DW.com that future indictments will likely include anyone present at the Trump Tower meeting in June of 2016. This would include both the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. and his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

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“As a prosecutor what you really want to do is … have your accomplice witness plea to something that is akin to what he is going to be testifying about against others,” Akerman explained. “What Mueller was really doing here was setting up Cohen to be a witness in a trial of others in the US that were involved in the conspiracy with the Russian government.”

While it’s impossible to guess when future indictments will be coming, it is also nearly impossible to deny that Cohen’s plea deal will lead to multiple indictments of people who were more involved in this apparent conspiracy than he was.

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