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Robert Mueller Is Investigating Trump’s Business Ties In Russia

Special counsel Robert Mueller is closely examining President Trump’s business transactions with Russia as part of his ongoing investigation into the Trump Administration’s ties to Vladimir Putin and his government cronies.

The Bloomberg report arrives just one day after The New York Times revealed that Trump believed Mueller would be “crossing a line” if he probed into the Trump Organization’s business dealings with the Russians.

Mueller is the special counsel appointed by the Justice Department to investigate Russian election meddling and collusion among the Trump administration.

The special counsel is specifically probing purchases at Trump properties that were completed by Russian buyers.

“Those transactions are in my view well beyond the mandate of the special counsel,” Trump’s lawyer John Dowd told Bloomberg.

Dowd also noted that any wrongdoing by the Trump Organization would fall “well beyond any Statute of Limitation imposed by the United States Code.” Not the most promising note of innocence.

The Times was also quick to note that the president’s ties to Deutsche Bank were also facing increasing scrutiny. The German bank has loaned the President money in the past and Federal investigators have started to probe that relationship further.

Business regulators are allegedly already perusing the loans from Deutsche Bank to Trump’s businesses.

Trump has threatened to fire Robert Mueller in the past and he may soon follow through on that process.

Welcome to the Red State…

James Kosur

James Kosur is the Editor-In-Chief and co-founder of Hill Reporter. He recently served as an editor for Business Insider and various other publications. You can reach him at James@HillReporter.com.

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