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Robert Mueller is Analyzing Trump’s Tweets about Jeff Sessions and James Comey

Robert Mueller is Analyzing Trump’s Tweets about Jeff Sessions and James Comey

You would have to had been living under a rock if you haven’t notice that President Trump loves Twitter. The President has used the platform to convey his messages to his base and to deride his enemies since launching his campaign in 2015. Now, the tweets he loves to post may be coming back to haunt him.

Special Counsel, Robert Mueller is currently analyzing some of the President’s more heated tweets. In particular, Mueller is examining tweets the President wrote about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director James Comey.

Mueller is scrutinizing the tweets as a part of his investigation as to whether Trump obstructed justice. The investigation stems from President Trump’s private conversation with Comey about former NSA advisor, Michael Flynn.

During the conversation, Trump allegedly asked for loyalty and requested that the FBI “let [the] Flynn investigation go,” according to Comey.

Additionally, Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation which infuriated the President. Mueller is looking into whether Trump obstructed justice by pressuring Sessions to rescind his recusal.

President Trump has often tweeted his anger towards his Attorney General for recusing himself. In these tweets, Trump expressed regret for having chosen Sessions. The President said that if he had known Sessions would recuse himself, he would have “picked someone else.”

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Many observers speculated that Sessions would resign due to the bullying he has endured from the President. Jeff Sessions was the first Senator to voice his support for Donald Trump in his bid for President. Sessions since his first endorsement have remained fiercely loyal to Trump, although the two have had some run-ins over the past year and a half.

Trump’s barrage of hateful tweets towards the Attorney General may prove to be a self-inflicted wound for the President.

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