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Robert Mueller Files Paul Manafort’s Sentencing Memo – Read it here

Robert Mueller Files Paul Manafort’s Sentencing Memo – Read it here

Moments ago, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing memorandum for former Trump Campaign Manager and Adviser Paul Manafort was released to the public.

The memo, filed by the special counsel’s office in a the US district court for the District of Columbia, outlines their suggested sentence for Mr. Manafort, based on multiple federal offenses that he has been convicted on, as well as the cooperation or lack-thereof of Mr. Manafort in an ongoing investigation by the special counsel’s office.

On August 21 of this year Paul Manafort was convicted on eight felony counts ranging from bank fraud to tax fraud to the failure to disclose a foreign bank account. While it was suggested that Manafort may have been cooperating with investigators after his conviction, on November 26th it was revealed by Robert Mueller’s team that Manafort had violated the terms of his plea agreement by repeatedly lying to the FBI and the Special Counsel’s office.

The document outlines the lies Manafort initial told in regards to a “variety of subject matters” including his contact with Konstantin Kilimnik, the man who ran Manafort’s office in Kiev. Kilimnik, it should be noted, has ties to Russian intelligence.  Manafort admits to conspiring with Kilimnik to obstruct justice but much of the information regarding their interactions have been redacted from the special counsel’s memo.

The special counsel also says Manafort lied about a 2017 payment on debt regarding a firm that was working for him.

It’s also stated in the memo that Manafort lied when claimed he never had “direct or indirect communications” with Trump administration officials. He also allegedly lied when he claimed to never have “asked anyone to try to communicate a message to anyone in the Administration.” The document states that Manafort attempted to have a third-party speak with Trump’s administration by text on May 26, 2018, and that he was in communication with a senior administration official through February 2018.

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The special counsel also says Manafort gave false information to the Justice Department about another investigation.

You will find the complete sentencing memorandum below:

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