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Actor Robert De Niro To Robert Mueller: ‘The Country Needs To Hear Your Voice’

Actor Robert De Niro To Robert Mueller: ‘The Country Needs To Hear Your Voice’

Should Robert Mueller testify before Congress? At least one actor (who has experience portraying the special counsel) believes he should.

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On Wednesday, Russia investigation special counsel Robert Mueller officially stepped aside from his role after he said the inquiry had been completed. He reiterated several key aspects of his findings, highlighting questionable conduct on the part of President Donald Trump, particularly the chief executive’s attempts to obstruct the investigation itself.

Mueller was clear in his assessment of the president’s behavior. Had the special counsel’s office “had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” he explained, which was also noted in the eponymous report he submitted to Attorney General William Barr in March.

Mueller also cited a Justice Department memo in his remarks, explaining that he was restrained from consideration of indicting the president himself, per a previous report from HillReporter.com.

Within his statements on Wednesday, Mueller stated that he was reluctant to speak again about the investigation, including before Congress. “The report is my testimony,” he said.

As a result, a key Democrat in Congress, Rep. Jerry Nadler who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, seemingly backed away from previous threats to subpoena the special counsel.

“Mr. Mueller told us a lot of what we need to hear today,” Nadler said, per reporting from Newsweek.

While some have expressed being content with Mueller’s remarks, actor Robert De Niro, penning an opinion piece within the New York Times, respectfully disagreed with the special counsel’s desire to not speak more about the issue.

De Niro noted in his letter that “nothing” probably escapes the attention of Mueller, and that he is probably well-aware of the actor’s depiction of him on the weekly NBC variety program “Saturday Night Live.”

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De Niro wrote that he studied his subject carefully, even though he was set to do a satirical version of Mueller.

“I read about your lifetime devotion to public service and your respect for the rule of law,” De Niro said. “I watched how you presided over the special counsel’s office apparently without leaks. And you never wavered, even in the face of regular vicious attacks from the president and his surrogates.”

The actor said he had tremendous respect for Mueller’s “quiet, confident, dignified response” in ignoring attacks on him from the president and his surrogates. Unfortunately, that type of response has “allowed the administration to use its own voice to control the narrative.”

“And here, Mr. Mueller, is where you come in — where you need to come in,” De Niro said, adding that he recognized the special counsel tried to say that his “investigation’s work ‘speaks for itself.'”

“It doesn’t,” the actor said, pointing out that the only people with the patient to “read through the more than 400 pages carefully chosen words and nuanced conclusions” are lawyers and some members of Congress. “[T]he country needs to hear your voice. Your actual voice.”

De Niro concluded by appealing to Mueller’s longtime respect for doing the right thing for the nation’s interests. “You are the voice of the Mueller report. Let the country hear that voice,” De Niro wrote.

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