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RNC’s Final Night Posts Worst Ratings of All Four Nights

RNC’s Final Night Posts Worst Ratings of All Four Nights


Donald Trump accepted his party’s nomination Thursday as the Republican National Convention violated the Hatch Act several times by holding its final night on the White House Lawn. Trump spoke for 70 minutes, one of the longest convention speeches in history, in front of a mostly maskless crowd of roughly 1500, none of whom were socially distanced.

And America didn’t seem to care.

Ratings have been historically low for the RNC all week long, but Thursday’s finale, which should have brought in the biggest numbers as Trump was making his acceptance speech, was the lowest-rated of the entire convention. Broadcast network tallies are embarrassingly low, at a mere 5 million viewers. ABC won the night with 2.251 million, followed by NBC with 1.835 million and CBS with 1.3 million viewers.

But it’s even worse for Trump when the cable networks are added into the equation. His speech drew a combined television audience of 14.1 million, while Joe Biden’s brought in 17.5 million.

These low numbers are sure to anger the ratings-loving Trump, who took his moment in front of America to push more lies about Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris. CNN’s Daniel Dale went viral with a more than three-minute-long rundown of the 20 “inconsistencies” he found in Trump’s speech.

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The RNC was troubled from the start, with controversial speakers, immigrants unwittingly being used to make Trump seem like he’s happy they’re in our country, strange viral moments, accusations of drug use, and maskless crowds.

Both nominees are set to meet on September 29th for the first of three scheduled Presidential debates, which are also surrounded by their own controversy.

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