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Rivals in Marriage Equality Case Endorse Biden

Rivals in Marriage Equality Case Endorse Biden

Obergefell v. Hodges is the shorthand name for the landmark 2015 U.S. Supreme Court case that granted marriage equality to all Americans. There were real people, with real differences, on opposing sides of that case. Today they jointly announced they both are voting for Joe Biden.

Jim Obergefell is the named plaintiff and a lifelong Democrat. He is an activist, co-author of “Love Wins,” and the co-founder of the wine label Equality Vines. Richard Hodges is the named defendant in the case. He was the former director of the Ohio Department of Health and former Republican member of the Ohio House of Representatives. Over the five years since that case was decided, they have become friends.

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In an opinion piece published Saturday on CNN.com, they expressed their concerns about what a second Trump administration could mean for America. They¬†wrote “the Donald Trump-Mike Pence administration has been hard at work, tearing away at the rights of oppressed groups and marginalized communities. Only days before the election, they installed a new Supreme Court Justice — Amy Coney Barrett — who, as a law professor, criticized Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision upholding the Affordable Care Act. And we are in the middle of a deadly pandemic that’s killed more than 229,000 Americans and infected more than 9 million. This is not normal, and it is unacceptable.

“For these and many other reasons, we fear that the reelection of President Trump on November 3 would take our country down a path toward the darkest days of our history — one from which we may never return.”

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The two say while they do not agree with everything in Biden’s vision for American, they agree with where he’s headed. “There is simply nothing more to Trump’s campaign than a desire to divide us against each other. Biden seeks, more than anything, to bring us together. To get past the challenges we face today, that’s what we’ll need.

“Together, whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, we ask you to vote for Joe Biden.”

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