Right-Wingers Will Now Have to Pay to Watch Tucker Carlson

This time last year, Tucker Carlson hosted the most-watched prime-time program on cable news. But a lot can change in a year. The host was fired by Fox in April, a shocking move against the network's most popular personality. 

Things have not been easy for the media personality since he was dumped. Fox had a tight no-compete clause on his contract, so he wasn't able to move over to another network. Carlson attempted to host a Twitter show, but that never seemed to take off. 

So it is no surprise that Carlson will now offer a paid subscription. He made the announcement via video on Twitter, saying, "Hey, it’s Tucker Carlson. We’ve been out of work for 7 or 8 months now, hard to know. Time flies when you’re unemployed, but actually we have been working in secret and producing an awful lot of material for months now, interviews, etc. And all of it has found its way to TuckerCarlson.com."

The former Fox personality continued, "We’re launching a brand new thing very soon, and we’d love for you to see it. So go to TuckerCarlson.com to see it first."

There are Carlson fans who will have no problem shelling out money to hear him talk. But the number of those people is certainly fewer than the millions who tuned into his show every night on Fox.