Right-Winger Says Age of Consent ‘Artificially Increasing the Sexual Marketplace Value of Older Women’

Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist internet troll who was banned from YouTube in 2020, came out in defense of Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Wednesday less than 24 hours after the Department of Justice announced that Gaetz is under federal investigation for sex trafficking.

Photo: WILLIAM EDWARDS/AFP via Getty Images

In a pair of videos that were posted to Twitter by Right Wing Cope, Fuentes said that society needs to “rethink what constitutes moral sexuality because age of consent laws are gospel.”

First, Fuentes claimed that men are unfairly “crucified” and that “female teachers are having sex with middle school boys all the time.” Fuentes then complained that “homosexuality and trans and in-between and this and that are all perfectly okay” while older men such as 38-year-old Gaetz having sex with a 17-year-old girl is a crime in some states.

Fuentes said that girls should marry young instead of “going to college, having lots of sex, and experiment, and do drugs, and go on with their careers,” adding, “seventeen? So what. Who cares. I don’t believe the FBI. I don’t believe the DOJ about anything.”

In the second video, Fuentes’s fragile masculinity collapsed further as he whined about it being illegal for adults to have sexual relationships with teenagers.

“The age of consent is a feminist social construct,” he said. “To me, what I think the age of consent is about is really – I’ve said this before on the show, it’s not a new take – I think what it’s really about is artificially increasing the sexual marketplace value of older women.”

Watch below via Right Wing Cope:

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