Right-Winger Says 2020 Election Was a ‘Satanic Usurpation’ of ‘We the People’

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Eric Metaxas – an outspoken proponent of former President Donald Trump’s Big Lie – suggested on Tuesday’s edition of FlashPoint on Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel that the 2020 election was a “satanic usurpation” and that whoever is responsible for the [nonexistent] fraud is a modern-day “Benedict Arnold.”

Eric "Jesus Was White" Metaxas
Photo by Ben Hider/Getty Images

“Should we just give up on the election? Is that what you think?” asked host Gene Bailey.

Metaxas’s reply was bizarre, to say the least.

“You know um, if somebody raped and killed somebody I love, I’m not the kind of guy that says, ‘You know what? Hey, we all make mistakes. Let it go.’ Once that person is in jail, I might go and pray with that person. But I will not sleep until that person is found and put behind bars,” he said.

“If it is even possible that this election was stolen – I believe it was stolen,” Metaxas continued, even though his belief is not based on objective facts because the 2020 election was not stolen.

“But let’s say it wasn’t. I want to know, I want to be convinced, and I want every American to be convinced that our election processes are absolutely transparent. And when people tell you to, ‘Shut up, move along,’ that is a big red flag – they’re hiding something. And we all know the footdragging that’s gone on in Arizona and other places, that is absolutely just circumstantial evidence somebody is hiding something,” he added. “They don’t want us to know what happened. If we don’t fight all the way to the end to make sure that we know who was elected and what went wrong and who cheated, who are the traitors, who were the Benedict Arnolds? By the way, whoever did this, whoever is behind this, they make Benedict Arnold look like George Washington. This is a satanic usurpation of we the people.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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