Right Wing Zealots Celebrate RBG’s Death as “Move of God” to Help Re-Elect Trump

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday at the age of 87, Democrats mourned her even as they knew it was only a matter of time before the Republicans descended on her available seat on the Supreme Court. In previous years, perhaps they might have waited at least until after her memorials had ended, but the modern GOP couldn’t even give it a full hour before they were making demands about filling the vacancy Ginsburg leaves behind, making disrespectful comments, reversing past comments regarding the nomination of a new SCOTUS justice in an election year, or using her death as an opportunity to push their pro-life agendas. And despite a statement released by her granddaughter which revealed her “most fervent wish” was that her replacement be named by the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, Senate Republicans are not just ignoring it, they’re actively discrediting her, a narrative already being taken up by the MAGA fan base.

Now comes the commentary from the religious right, who inexplicably continue to support Donald Trump despite his history of failed marriages, rape accusations, and history of affairs, often with porn stars. Even as their own leaders are experiencing major public meltdowns, a group calling themselves “Prayer Warriors” are claiming Ginsburg’s death was a “move of God” to “save Trump’s presidency”, warning that “God might not be done killing.”

Jacob Wohl at RBG memorial
[Photo By Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]
Evangelical leaders are fine with looking the other way if it means getting another Conservative on the bench, often “praying for the removal” of the liberal judges to clear the way for Trump to name justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Frank Amedia, a former Trump campaign adviser and founder of the group POTUS Shield, “prophesied” early in Trump’s presidency that “God would give Trump three Supreme Court justices in his first term”. Amedia has also been talking for months about a “prophetic” dream he had in which he saw Trump “sinking into a swamp until God reached down and with his thumb and forefinger plucked Trump out by the head, flinging him in the air.” Amedia predicted this divine intervention would take place in September, and on Sunday, he called Ginsburg’s death “the first breath” of the prophesied “blast” that God has in store. “The blast has just begun,” Amedia exulted.

The self-anointed prophet also made an Anti-Semitic remark by commenting on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s religion. On Sunday evening​, Amedia called it “very interesting that a Jewish princess was taken home on Rosh Hashanah—or taken somewhere, praise the Lord, I’ll leave that to him.”

Typical of the religious leaders who surround Trump, Amedia has his own shady past that involves illegal activity that he now claims was the basis for his religious awakening. He believes his allegiance to Trump and to God are what will help him win the election.

Amedia suggested that God might not be done taking out Trump’s political opponents. “Some people may not make it until November 3rd,” he said Sunday, adding that people “better be careful because God’s steamrolling.” Amedia cited stories from the Bible in which God crushed the Egyptian Army and sent an angel with a sword through an enemy camp slaughtering thousands.

“He’s a God of judgment and justice,” Amedia warned. “Everybody needs to be careful and watch what’s going on.”

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