Right-Wing YouTuber Steven Crowder: Kyle Rittenhouse is a Hero Because He Shot 2 Pedophiles

Steven Crowder, a controversial Conservative who frequently breaks YouTube’s rules, recently told viewers that Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero because he killed pedophiles.

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Many social media sites began to more strongly assert their guidelines following the right-wing insurrection on the Capitol. For some reason, though, YouTube refuses to do much about Crowder. He has used his platform to make racist, sexist and generally offensive comments.

Crowder also aimed his fans at journalist Carlos Maza who he called an “angry little queer” and a “gay Mexican.” Maza said he was also doxxed by Crowder’s fans. After an investigation into the matter, YouTube determined that the host had not broken their terms and conditions.

During his Wednesday show, the YouTuber decided to laud Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen who shot two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin last summer.

Crowder explained, ” I don’t think that we should put Kyle Rittenhouse in the same breath as Dylann Roof and Nikolas Cruz, who I believe was the Parkland shooter. However, let’s look at the way these people were arrested and then compare it with Ma’Khia. And see if you can spot the difference. Race has nothing to do with it. Now, Kyle Rittenhouse, or as I call him, hero – you shoot one pedophile, you’re a hero. You shoot a couple, you’re a legend. No, this was Kyle Rittenhouse.”

Watch a video of the comments below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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