Right-Wing Writer Says Trump’s COVID-19 Pressers Are Coming To An End Because He’s Scared

Matt Lewis of the Daily Beast is a respected conservative columnist. He also has a theory about why United States President Donald Trump is ending his daily COVID-19 White House briefings: He is frightened.

After Trump mused aloud about the idea that people could inject disinfectant or use UV rays inside their bodies to fight coronavirus, the backlash was swift. Emergency and public health officials frantically put out messages for no one to heed the president’s dangerous advice.

Even the makers of Lysol disinfectant products felt the need to put out a statement urging people to use their products properly. The New York City Poison Control was overwhelmed with calls after Trump’s statements. Clearly, there was no defending the dangerously indefensible, even when it came from the President of the United States.

And that is where Matt Lewis comes in. After a hastily ended presser with no questions taken the day after Trump’s remarks, it was reported that the briefings would now be less frequent. Lewis says of the end to the briefings means Trump is now aware that they have not helped his poll numbers as we lurch closer to the 2020 election – especially after his latest comments.

Lewis is actually praising the halt to the briefings, though, albeit in a mocking fashion:

“In a press briefing that ended quicker than a lot of Mike Tyson fights, it was Donald Trump who ended up on the mat Friday night. Right after he shuffled off the stage Friday night without taking a single question, the news broke that he was no longer going to be entertaining America on a nightly basis.”

“Friday’s abrupt departure, coupled with those reports that we may have seen our last daily coronavirus briefingconstitutes a rare, if tacit, admission of failure. Coronavirusis a serious problem, and Trump simply can’t talk his way out of this one.”

But, according to Lewis, it is actually Trump’s own narcissistic pride and fear of failure that has him stepping away from the podium in the White House Briefing room:

“It has been said that Trump’s superpower is that he has no shame. He doesn’t get embarrassed, primarily because he isn’t self-aware enough to realize he should. Trump normally prevaricates with abandon, attempting to gaslight us into believing we’re the ones with the problem. But on this occasion, he seemed self-aware. Finally, Trump seemed to realize that he was naked.”

“It takes a lot for a man this delusional to come to terms with reality. And while I’m not delusional enough to think he is maturing, or that avoiding the media will last (he craves attention too much for that), Trump might finally be getting scared.Look at the polls. He could very well lose his re-election to Joe Biden. I think he finally realizes that.”  

If Coronavirus rages on, and Trump continues to speak in a way that exposes ineptitude in the midst of a global crisis, he could very well lose re-election. That would be music to the ears of many looking for some sense of normalcy, but it would also be Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.



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