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Right-Wing Religous Nuts Blame Hillary Clinton Voters and Abortion for COVID-19

Right-Wing Religous Nuts Blame Hillary Clinton Voters and Abortion for COVID-19

Right-wing religious fanatics are never short of bizarre conspiracy theories, but one of their latest is truly stunning. Last Friday, self-proclaimed “Apostle” Robin Bullock told televangelist Sid Roth on his It’s Supernatural YouTube channel that the devastating COVID-19 pandemic was caused not by environmental destruction or President Donald Trump’s failed leadership, but by people who voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 – oh, and abortion, too.

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“When Hillary Clinton was running for president, shirts were made, ‘I’m With Her,’ I’m With Her,’ everything was about ‘I’m With Her,’” Bullock said. “Well, now the Book of Revelation talks about Jezebel, and Bill and Hillary Clinton’s life is perfectly paralleled with Ahab and Jezebel. That’s who they are. And I mean, perfectly parallel, even to the land scandal and the death and all, the murder.”

Bullock did not elaborate on what the “land scandal” was or which “deaths and murders” the Clintons supposedly caused.

“Okay, so all of this thing happened. When they started putting shirts, ‘I’m With Her,’ the Lord showed me in the Book of Revelation, He said, ‘You see this right there,’ and I’m looking at this in the scripture, He said, ‘I will make a bed, and those who commit fornication with her, they will go into great tribulation,’ and it says this. Then it talks about, it says, ‘I will kill her children with death.’ This means a pestilence or a plague,” Bullock continued, referring to the coronavirus.

But then Bullock blamed the COVID-19 pandemic on abortion, making a circular, non-specific argument about death causing death.

“So, the vote for Hillary Clinton – I’m just being bold right here and telling you something – when they voted for this, the champion of abortion herself, when they voted for this, it brought the coronavirus,” Bullock alleged. “That’s where it came from, because He said, ‘then it will bring a death that will kill them with death.”

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There are no legitimate bases whatsoever for any of Bullock’s outlandish, unscientific theories.

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

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