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Right-Wing Religious Lunatic Rick Wiles Tells Liberals to Leave Florida or Face Slaughter: ‘We’re Coming After You’

Right-Wing Religious Lunatic Rick Wiles Tells Liberals to Leave Florida or Face Slaughter: ‘We’re Coming After You’

pastor: use 2 billion bullets on Portland

American conservative religious extremists have not toned down their vitriolic rhetoric in the two weeks since President Donald Trump, whom many factions idolize as divine, lost his reelection bid to President-Elect Joe Biden.

But on Monday, that brazenly sanctimonious and un-Christ-like behavior escalated beyond armed marches and Trump superspreader rallies, when End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles threatened to murder liberals if they do not immediately pack their things and leave the state of Florida (which Trump won).

pastor: use 2 billion bullets on Portland
Screenshot via Tru News

Wiles began by blaming COVID-19 on the left, wrongfully suggesting that Black Lives Matter and Antifa (which Wiles mispronounced) perpetrate violence, and then alleged that liberals “stole” the 2020 election.

“So, coronavirus was part of it, then they brought out Black Lives Matter, then they brought out Antifa, then they stole the election, and now they’re bringing back coronavirus again, and when they do that they’re going to bring back Black Lives Matter and Antifa,” Wiles declared on his TruNews radio program.

There is no evidence that anyone “stole” the election, nor are there any connections between COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa. There is however a direct link between Florida’s Trump-adoring Republican governor Ron DeSantis’ passive response to the pandemic and the increases in infections and deaths. Florida confirmed 2,700 new cases on Tuesday alone.

Instead of offering pragmatic solutions to a problem that is disproportionately affecting his audience, Wiles would rather massacre his political foes.

“You know what? This time we’re going to meet you in the streets. Come on left. We’re gonna meet you in the streets this time,” said Wiles. “You know what they’re doing here in Florida? The governor wants a bill passed in Florida to empower citizens to shoot and kill looters and rioters. Yes, sir. Get it done, governor.”

Last week, DeSantis drafted what he deemed as “anti-mob” legislation that would broaden the Sunshine State’s infamous “Stand Your Ground” law, which states:

A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

The Miami Herald reported on November 10:

The draft legislation put specifics behind DeSantis’ pledge in September to crack down on ‘violent and disorderly assemblies’ after he pointed to ‘reports of unrest in other parts of the country after the high-profile death of George Floyd, a Black man killed by a white Minneapolis police officer.

The proposal would expand the list of ‘forcible felonies’ under Florida’s self-defense law to justify the use of force against people who engage in criminal mischief that results in the ‘interruption or impairment’ of a business, and looting, which the draft defines as a burglary within 500 feet of a ‘violent or disorderly assembly.

Other key elements of DeSantis’ proposal would enhance criminal penalties for people involved in ‘violent or disorderly assemblies,’ make it a third-degree felony to block traffic during a protest, offer immunity to drivers who claim to have unintentionally killed or injured protesters who block traffic, and withhold state funds from local governments that cut law enforcement budgets.

Critics of the proposal say that it would create an open season on protesters who interfere with local commerce, even if through peaceful means. Applying the law, however, is extremely subjetive, as was demonstrated in the George Zimmerman murder of the unarmed, black teenager Trayvon Martin.

“It allows for vigilantes to justify their actions,” said former Miami-Dade County prosecutor Denise Georges, a career expert on Stand Your Ground cases. “It also allows for death to be the punishment for a property crime – and that is cruel and unusual punishment. We cannot live in a lawless society where taking a life is done so casually and recklessly.”

Wiles, meanwhile, chomped at the bit at the thought of gunning down liberals, just like Jesus would want.

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“The people are with you. We’re going to defend this state of Florida. We’re not going to put up with this stuff anymore,” Wiles continued. “The left, you better pack up and flee. If you’re part of this communist revolution, lefties, you better get out of the country. If we find out you’re part of the communist revolution, we’re coming after you.”

Wiles even dared the FBI to try to stop him.

“I don’t care. FBI, put my name down on the list,” Wiles added. “Go ahead and do it. Do it. I don’t care.”

Watch below, courtesy of RightWingWatch:

Perhaps Wiles is unaware of what fate awaits would-be domestic terrorists and those who encourage them. Or maybe he sees himself as a potential martyr. Regardless, the odds of Wiles personally showing up to do his own dirty work are pretty close to zero. His brainwashed Trump-worshiping audience, on the other hand, poses an imminent risk to public safety.

Sixty-three days until the inauguration.

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