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Right-Wing Radio Host Says Trump’s ‘Free Speech’ Site Censored His Bigoted Anti-Trans Post

Right-Wing Radio Host Says Trump’s ‘Free Speech’ Site Censored His Bigoted Anti-Trans Post

Donald Trump felt the need for a social media site of his own, after Twitter imposed upon him the same rules and Terms of Use that he and other users had to agree to in order to create a profile on the site. Trump was annoyed when social media sites appended accuracy warnings to his posts, but it turns out that his own site has standards too.

BEDMINSTER, NEW JERSEY – JULY 07: Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a press conference announcing a class action lawsuit against big tech companies at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster on July 07, 2021 in Bedminster, New Jersey. Former President Trump held a press conference with executives from the America First Policy Institute to announce a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, Google, and their CEOs, claiming that he was wrongfully censored. Since being banned from the social media companies, former President Trump has continued to spread lies about mass voter fraud in the 2020 election that have not not been substantiated. [Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images]

Back in February, Protocol reported on the site, declaring it essentially a copy of Twitter, but with its own rules, which include a ban on anything “false, inaccurate or misleading,” as well as anything “obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, violent, harassing, libelous, slanderous, or otherwise objectionable.”

Of course, since access to the site was so limited, it was hard to judge how severely those rules would be enforced, much less what would be judged to be, for example, “objectionable,” or “misleading” — both fairly subjective measures.

However, the site has now rolled out in the Apple appstore, and is expected to be available in web browser form by the end of the month, according to Reuters, and as the number of users increases, so do the tests of the site’s rules.

Steve Deacy says he tested out the site with a post — he doesn’t show the content of the post, though — and it was quickly covered up as “sensitive” and marked as “may not be suitable for all audiences.”

Mediaite, however, was able to access the site and view the post in its original form. Deace’s ‘Truth’ read, “Transgenderism is a mental illness and/or demonic deception, pass it on.”

So much for the expectation that the site would be a complete haven for right-wing extremism and hate.

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