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Right-Wing Psycho Melts Down Because POTUS & VPOTUS Ate Memorial Dinner at a French Bistro

Right-Wing Psycho Melts Down Because POTUS & VPOTUS Ate Memorial Dinner at a French Bistro

Right-wing pastor and vicious homophobe E.W. Jackson lost his mind during Tuesday’s broadcast of his radio program, The Awakening, because President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris dined at a French restaurant called Le Diplomate in Washington, DC on Memorial Day.


His primary complaint was that because France fell to Germany early in the Second World War, eating French food is unpatriotic.

“Did you know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris—you know where they chose to go for the Memorial Day dinner? They went to a French restaurant, and I can’t even pronounce some of this stuff that they ate, um, steak tartare du parc, escargots à la bourguignonne, foie gras parfait, and gougères,” Jackson said, butchering the names of some of the items.

“Lord help us. How about some hamburgers and hotdogs and barbecued chicken, ya know? I mean, these people are just, they are so out of touch it is just sad. But here again if I raised it I guess I’d be anti-French, I guess, ya know?” he continued. Apparently, Americans are only able to eat food that was invented in the United States, and supporting a local restaurant is, well, un-American.

“No, I’m pro-American. I want to celebrate our men and women who’ve died for us and gave their all for us, and they didn’t fight for the French, although the French were beneficiaries of it, but they were fighting for America. In fact, we know what happened with the French—no disrespect meant to the French or French people,” said Jackson, omitting that it was the French who were instrumental in defeating the British during the American Revolutionary War.

“This is a different generation now, I don’t know how they’re doing, I don’t follow what’s going on in France that closely—but I know one thing, at that time, they folded. When Adolf Hitler marched in, they folded like a cheap suitcase,” Jackson added, referring to the Nazi Blitzkrieg of World War II. France was easily overtaken by Hitler because it was still recovering from World War I.

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“I mean, it was sad. It was sad. Praise God for those French patriots who continued the resistance, and there were those, but the government itself folded up. Folded up,” he added. “And see, that’s what they – if we let these people destroy our military with all this transgender, homosexuality, and all this, ‘We got to purge the military of these crazy patriots,’ we’ll end up in the same position.”

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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