Right-Wing Prophetess Makes Loud Noises, Claims God Needs Donald Trump to Fend Off Demons

The religious crazies have been on quite a roll lately. Predictions that God will imminently restore former President Donald Trump to power have increased among self-proclaimed right-wing prophets.


Over the weekend, Donna Rigney appeared on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel to proclaim that Trump’s divine return will happen soon because he is the only man who can save God’s plan from being thwarted by demonic forces.

“One of the reasons that he is going to restore Donald Trump back to his position – and I feel it’s coming soon, I don’t feel like we’ve got too much longer to wait – that is because of this glory. It’s because of the great awakening. It’s because of this revival that’s coming,” Rigney said. “He wants somebody at the helm that won’t stop at HOOOOOOO, that will foster it and encourage it and get behind it and make sure that nobody stops what God is doing.”

Later in the segment, Rigney said that Trump “will do what’s right, and that’s why God is saying, ‘I need my Cyrus back at the helm,'” referring to Cyrus the Great, who founded the Persian Empire in 559 BCE.

“‘Because what I’m gonna do, I don’t want any demon spirits operating through any man to stop,'” Rigney continued, still quoting what God allegedly told her. “‘I’m birthing the child of revival and it will not be stopped. OH! AH! OH!'”

It remains unclear whether the bellowing was part of God’s memo or if Rigney was simply embellishing.

Who knows.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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