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Right-Wing Prophetess Foresees Victory for Donald Trump Because a German-Named Horse Won the Preakness Stakes

Right-Wing Prophetess Foresees Victory for Donald Trump Because a German-Named Horse Won the Preakness Stakes

Right-wing “prophetess” Amanda Grace has predicted that former President Donald Trump will emerge victorious against his political and legal adversaries because a horse with a German name surged from behind to win the Preakness Stakes on May 15th.


Speaking with host Steve Shultz on the Elijah Streams YouTube channel on Tuesday, Grace drew a parallel between horse racing and American presidential politics.

“What happened with this horse follows suit to what happened in November with the election. Those handling this horse cheated to win a race they were not favored to win,” said Grace.

“Woooooooow,” an agape Shultz replied.

“And what happens is, the officials say, ‘we have to launch an investigation,’ which is exactly what’s going on now in this country,” Grace continued. “And while they’re investigating the trainer, Bob Baffert – who is a legend in racing for training – he’s claiming he did nothing wrong, this is unfair, this horse won fair and square. They allow the horse to race in the Preakness while the investigation is continuing.”

Grace was attempting to connect Medina Spirit, a Baffert-trained horse that failed a drug test earlier this month following its Kentucky Derby win, to President Joe Biden, whom Trump still claims stole the 2020 election.

Somehow, Grace envisions Trump making a last-second comeback like Rombauer despite the flurry of criminal investigations that are honing in on his businesses, as well as the fact that the election was legitimate.

“At the last stretch of this race, normally what happens is jockeys will conserve the horse’s energy and at the final stretch to the finish line, they let the horse go into a full-blown cantor and run as fast as it can,” Grace beamed. “At the last stretch of this race, a German-named horse by the name of Rombauer literally smokes Medina Spirit, snatches the victory from this horse ending Medina Spirit’s run. Who else do we know is of German descent? Donald Trump.”

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